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Join us as we begin to come back together!

Join us as we come back together!

Join us as we begin to gather  to worship our Lord together. We will begin this process by meeting in our Worship Center for Sunday morning Worship Service and we will slowly add ministries.  Our Worship Center will be sanitized and we will practice social distancing.

Message from the Pastor


March 24, 2020

Gibson First Baptist Church Gibson, GA 30810

A message for Glascock County:

We now find ourselves in difficult times for our communities, state and nation. For some of our younger population, this is the first time they have witnessed a national crisis of this magnitude. This letter is to offer hope and encouragement that can only come from the author of hope and encouragement, Father God and His Son, Jesus, who came to be the Savior of all who trust Him with their lives. I believe this time is a wakeup call to each of us to change our focus. We, ourselves, our institutions, our governments, our wealth, nor anything we put our trust in, can bring us through the crises of our lives that we are sure to face. Only an All-Powerful, All-Knowing, Loving God can provide what we so desperately need.

An Old Testament event , has a powerful message for our needs of today. The events take place in  I Kings, Chapter 18. This chapter gives us the account of the showdown between the God of the Universe and the false gods of the earth. The great prophet Elijah is in hiding from the wicked King Ahab and Queen Jezebel who seek his life. The land is in a terrible crisis because there has been no rain and plants, animals, and people are dying because there is no food. They find themselves in this terrible situation because they have not followed the God of Creation but have put their trust in manmade gods. It was a time of drought that had lasted far too long. The Israelites had been warned of the consequences of trusting in their manmade gods in Deuteronomy 28:23-24. God stated that if Israel turned aside from following Him, "the heaven overhead should be brass, and the earth underfoot iron; and that the very rain should be transformed to powder and dust." This terrible prediction had now been literally fulfilled.

After the showdown between the One God and the manmade gods, in I Kings:42, we read these words, "King Ahab went up to eat and drink, but Elijah went up to the summit of Mt. Carmel. Elijah bowed down to the ground and put his face between his knees."  King Ahab was concerned with his own comfort but Elijah is concerned with talking to the God of the Universe.

This brings us to the characteristics of all true prayer.

1) True prayer is based on the promises of God. God's promises are given to us not to keep us from coming to Him but to bring us to Him. They show the direction in which we should ask and the extent to which we may expect an answer.

2) True prayer is definite. "So many prayers fail because they are shot like arrows into the air." This statement was related by the great minister, F. B. Meyer. So many prayers ask for nothing, but are prayed without any expectation of definite results. 

3) True prayer is earnest. Prayer is answered for the glory of Christ when it is spoken with such earnestness that the blessing sought is really needed.

4) True prayer is humble.  It is true that we may come to God in boldness but we must also remember the majesty, might, and power of our Great God, and take our shoes off in reverence, so to speak.

5) True prayer is full of expectant faith.  There is a faith which trusts that all things are possible, which laughs at impossibility; which can move mountains and plant them in the sea. Such faith may be ours only by careful study and growing up in Christ.

6) True prayer is persevering. True prayer never gives up. True prayer always trusts no matter the answer.

I close this lesson with the rest of the story. God did not answer the prayer of Elijah immediately. I Kings 18:43-45 "Then Elijah said to his servant, "Go up and look toward the sea." So he went up, looked, and said, "There's nothing." Seven times Elijah said, "Go back." On the seventh time, he reported, "There's a cloud as small as a man's hand coming from the sea." Then Elijah said, "Go and tell Ahab, 'Get your chariot ready and go down so the rain doesn't stop you.'" In a little while, the sky grew dark with clouds and wind, and there was a downpour. "

We can't meet for prayer this week but it does not mean that we cannot pray. Our community can change how we look at the God of the Universe and we can begin meaningful prayer instead of ritual. Most of us have cell phones and it has been suggested that we set an alarm for 8:00 PM and pray for one minute each evening. I am suggesting that we have pointed prayer for God's will and healing in our land for one minute and for one extra minute, that we pray for God's will and healing in Glascock County whatever that entails. That is spending two minutes of a day seeking the Only Source from whom our help can come!

I am sending this letter to the few people in Glascock County for whom I have addresses. This letter will be posted on the Gibson First Baptist Church Website and Facebook page before the weekend. Please feel free to share these thoughts with others as you are so led.

I am continuing to pray for our community that God will bring strength and healing!

God Bless You!

Dr. Mason Davis, Interim Pastor

Gibson First Baptist Church 

Will be rescheduled


Join us in the Fellowship Hall of Gibson First Baptist Church as we look at, and participate in The Last Supper, the Passover Meal, that Jesus shared with His followers on the night before His Crucifixion.  It was during this Passover that Jesus gave The New Covenant and its promises to all those who would follow Him in the future.  It was also through the New Covenant that He commanded His followers to observe The Lord's Supper in remembrance of His sacrifice which was to come.  Learn what this night teaches today's followers of Christ  - TO BE ANNOUNCED


Good Friday Tennebrae Service - WILL BE RESCHEDULED

This will be a candlelight service.  Join us in the Worship Center of Gibson First Baptist Church as we participate in a Service of Reflection and Remembrance focusing on the last words of Jesus spoken from the cross.  These words had great significance to those who witnessed the Crucifixion and also to those of us who follow Christ today. Gain a new understanding of the sacrifice of Christ and what it means to today's followers of Christ  -  WILL BE RESCHEDULED


2020 VBS

July 12th - 17th

More Information to follow


 Greetings  and a very warm welcome to you from the people of Gibson First Baptist  Church.  If you live in or near Gibson, Georgia, or if you’re just  visiting, please come  visit one of our church services. We are a Southern Baptist Church where  we preach the Word of God.

We  would be privileged to have you as our guest and we hope that you will  feel at home while we worship together in God’s house.  If you are  searching for a church home, please know that there’s a special place  here just for you!

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